The Kyani Distributor’s Resources


Welcome to the Kyani Distributor’s Resources!

In this page is a collection of white papers and scientific researches about the Kyani products. Feel feel to check out each of them by visiting here 🙂

“Because claims ARE NOT ENOUGH to prove a food supplement really works…”

KYANI SUNRISE: The Science Behind the Superfoods

KYANI SUNRISE: The Science Behind the Vitamins

KYANI SUNSET: The Science Behind Kyani Sunset

VITAMIN E: TOCOTRIENOLS – The Science Behind Tocotrienols

KYANI NITRO FX AND KYANI NITRO XTREME: The Science Behind Kyani’s Nitric Oxide Precursors

Kyani NitroXtreme Q & A

KYANI: Brilliance from Bush to Bottle