What is the Recommended Daily Dosage of Kyani Sunrise?

What is the recommended daily dosage of kyani sunrise?


You already read the many benefits of taking Kyani Sunrise and super foods it contain in a single sachet. Now your next important question is:

“What is the recommended daily dosage of Kyani Sunrise?

The recommended daily dosage of Kyani Sunrise is one sachet (that’s 30 ml) per day before meals most preferably before your breakfast.

Do you ever wonder why you need to take your Kyani Sunrise before meals?

You see, when Kyani Sunrise is ingested on an empty stomach, your stomach can process it better and much more efficiently for faster absorption. However, if you take it close to your meal (let us say after eating a large meal or together with your usual meal), your stomach will tend to hold it within its walls for a longer time, causing your Kyani sunrise to rut and ferment instead. As a result of this fermentation, you may develop heart burn, burping, and stomach discomfort due to increased acidity within your stomach.

The next burning question you will surely have regarding Kyani Sunset will be:

“Can I possibly take Kyani Sunrise more than once per day?

According to my experience, my answer will be a “yes.” In my case, since Kyani Sunrise happens to be my energy booster, I usually take it twice to thrice every single day, depending on my stress situation.

Now for patients who are suffering from any form of cancer, I also recommend them to take three sachets of Kyani sunrise per day – that is 1 sachet (or 30 ml) one to two hours before meals. Why? You see, Kyani Sunrise contains loads and loads of antioxidants (Kyani Sunrise has a Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC value of 107,271!) which can get rid of free oxygen radials that are responsible for turning on the process of cancer formation. Patients with cancer needs lots of antioxidants; and Kyani Sunrise is the best food supplement that offers the highest antioxidant value compared to other all -natural, fruit-derived supplements in the market today.

How about in children? Can my child take Kyani Sunrise? What is the recommended dosage of Kyani Sunrise in children?

If you plan to give your child Kyani Sunrise, the best way is still to ask a Kyani-knowledgeable physician how much you should give to your child. Nevertheless, to make it convenient for you, we listed below the usual recommended dosage most Kyani-knowledgeable doctors use for children:


less than 10 kg               1 ml

10kg to 12.5 kg              2 ml

more than 12.5 kg to 15 kg          3 ml

more than 15 kg to 20 kg            4 ml

more than 20 kg to 25 kg           5 ml

more than 25 kg to 30 kg        7.5 ml

more than 30 kg to 40 kg        15 ml

more than 40 kg                        adult dose (30 ml)

Note: Children with special health conditions or special health needs may have a different Kyani Sunrise dosage compared to ordinary children, therefore it is still best to consult your Kyani-knowledgeable doctor first before giving your child Kyani Sunrise.


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