Top 3 Reasons Why Some People Think That Kyani Products are a Scam

No matter what you do, a few people may still think the worst about you. This is also the case when it comes to Kyani products. In this post, we will discuss the top 3 reasons why some people think Kyani products are a scam.

Reason #1: They are not actually using Kyani products.

Let’s face it. Some people are just born with that innate tendency to prejudice. Of course, we can’t blame them because that is what they really are. Once they just hear the word “networking”… BOOM! They will begin associating Kyani products with the word SCAM.

But, ask them if they actually did try using Kyani products and you’d be surprised to hear that they haven’t.

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Reason #2: They have tried using Kyani products but used it in a very underdosed amount.

Just like any medication, Kyani products also have their own set of recommended doses. Now, if you are not following the right dosage for a particular Kyani product, let us say Kyani Nitro FX, do you think you will feel the improvement you are longing to have? NO!

And it’s like an adult taking the recommended dosage of acetaminophen fitted for a two-year old child. Do you think that adult will feel relief from fever if he takes an acetaminophen dose that is recommended for a toddler? Hell, NO! because his dosage is too underdosed for his body weight.

I know one guy who tried using Kyani FX who told me that this particular product does not work at all. Puzzled, I asked him how many drops he is taking. And he answered 2-3 drops once a day. That answer made me smile. I said, “hey! That’s way too underdosed for you.” You see, you have to use 15 to 20 drop every single day for you to feel what exactly is the effect of Kyani Nitro Fx to your body.

So before concluding that Kyani products are a scam, try to investigate and ask yourself: “Am I following the recommended dose for this particular product.”

Reason #3: They thought Kyani products are magic potions.

Kyani products are not miracle drugs – they’re nutraceutical supplements. This means that they can only help you get the important nutrients you need every single day in order to have a healthier body function but they can’t offer you cure.

Are you taking vitamins everyday? Do vitamins make you healthier? Yes. However, do you blame your vitamins for not protecting you enough when you get sick? Of course not! That is exactly the point! Vitamins are not magic potions and Kyani products aren’t too. They’re simply nutraceutical supplements that support your body’s immune system, thereby helping your body’s defense ward off potential opportunistic organisms and cancer cells.



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