Kyani Independent Distributor (Member) Requirements

So, do you want to help others live a healthier lifestyle and earn a quite “decent” living all at the same time? Do you want to be a Kyani Independent distributor or member? Do you want to know the requirements you need to be a Kyani distributor?

You are in luck today because in this page, we are going to discuss each of these requirements for you to successfully apply for a Kyani membership plan.

How to become a Kyani Distributor (a.k.a. Kyani Health Advocate)

And so, without going ’round the bush, here are the Kyani Independent Distributor Requirements:

First: You should be of legal age

If you are still below 18 years of age, sorry kid, better ask your mom or dad to sign up for you because you need to be of legal age.

Second: You need to have a SSN/SIN/Tax ID number

If you still don’t have your SSN/SIN/Tax ID, you have to secure one. You see, Kyani Distributorship is a LEGAL business; and because it is a legal biz, the law requires that its members, who happen to be the biggest potential earners of this company, need to submit their SSN/SIN/Tax ID so that the country where they reside can cut taxes prescribed by law from their earnings. Without┬áSSN/SIN/Tax ID, Kyani won’t accept your membership so you must have at least one of these important numbers.

Third: You need to have a Kyani Sponsor

A Kyani Sponsor is an active Kyani Distributor who is willing to guide you to become a successful Kyani Distributor. Without this requirement, Kyani will turn down your enrollment application. Don’t know anyone who is willing to sponsor you? Don’t worry, this website can do that for you ­čÖé

Third: You have to submit a duly filled Kyani Enrollment form

Now that you have all the necessary prerequisites to become a Kyani Independent Distributor, it’s time to fill the Kyani Enrollment form. You can do so by visiting the Kyani Office nearest you or simply go to this page:

Note: By applying through the link we provided above, you no longer need to look for a Kyani Sponsor because we will volunteer to help you succeed!

Fourth: You have to purchase your very first Kyani Distributor’s Pack

Depending on your current country of residence and budget, Kyani you will present to you through Kyani’s enrollment page the different Kyani Distributor’s Pack you can start working with.

In the United States, the available Kyani Distributor’s Packs are:


Screenshot 2016-04-01 08.32.13Screenshot 2016-04-01 08.32.10Screenshot 2016-04-01 08.29.59Screenshot 2016-04-01 08.29.51


Once you successfully purchased you first Kyani Distributor Pack, you will be considered a full-pledged, legal and official Kyani Independent Distributor. Congratulations!

OOOppppsss… Don’t close this page yet.

Don’t think that you are now all through with all the requirements to become a successful Kyani Independent Distributor. There’s still one left and this one is the MOST IMPORTANT requirement!

Fifth and the final requirement: Willingness to learn

Yes, you may be the best sales person in the world. You may be a topnotch multilevel marketer before in previous companies, but you still need to learn a lot (and maybe “unlearn” a few things) to replicate the success of other Kyani Distributors.

But don’t worry, Kyani Distributorship is not as tough or as difficult as it sounds. Actually, it’s too basic and too simple that you’ll begin to wonder why you let yourself struggle much from your previous MLM business.

With that being said, we should say welcome aboard! Welcome to Kyani Team Conqueror!

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