How to Become a Kyani Distributor (a.k.a. Kyani Health Advocate)

Being a Kyani distributor is a very rewarding experience. Many people are getting sick every single day because of poor lifestyle choices. If you think that helping others become healthier is your primary purpose in this world, then there is nothing better for you to do than to become a Kyani health advocate and earn a decent living to support yourself and your family at the same time.

And so, do you know exactly how to become a Kyani Distributor?

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Here’s how:

First: Find a Kyani distributor who will sponsor your membership.

If you don’t know any Kyani distributor, then just go to this page and I will be happy to sponsor you:

Second: Fill up the Distributor Enrollment form.

how to become a Kyani distributor

Note: Don’t worry about the Sponsor ID (Referring Distributor ID). Clicking this link will automatically give you a valid number.

Third: Choose an enrollment pack.

Depending on your budget, and of course, the Kyani products you want to start working with, choose the package you want to avail.

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Screenshot 2016-04-01 08.29.51Screenshot 2016-04-01 08.29.59

Fourth: Fill up the Account Agreements.

Fifth: Fill up the Account Information form.

Sixth: Fill up the Shipping and Payment form so that Kyani will know where to send your Distributor’s Kit and Kyani products.

Seventh: Finally, pay for your kit and receive your receipt and login details for

Congratulations! You are now a Kyani Health Advocate!


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