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NO, KYANI is not forced matrix, unilevel, binary, or stair-step breakaway…
… it doesn’t need balance just like any other binary compensation plan
… it doesn’t need any structural requirements within each of your legs
… it doesn’t require you to continuously recruit/sponsor new members to earn large checks
… it doesn’t have flushouts (maximum allowable number of sponsorship within a day)
… it doesn’t compensate you in the form of products (it only compensates you with pure cold cash!)
In other words — it is truly unique!

If you are tired and frustrated with your multilevel network marketing business…

… or felt it unfair to receive the much-needed compensation from your weakest link only

… or had a hard time maintaining your entire MLM business

The KYANI compensation plan is just right for you.

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I don’t know if you landed here by accident or you simply visited this page to start earning a great income with larger, and better possibilities. But one thing is sure: By being a member and a distributor of KYANI, which happens to be one of the top 100 network marketing companies of 2015 in the world today, you can start helping people recover from their chronic illnesses while gradually filling up your own pocket with cold, hard cash.



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